I, Vicki Markussen, pledge to #UniteNotDivide. I am not seeking endorsements from organizations. Here's why.

As I go door to door talking to voters, they are discouraged by the division between us as friends and neighbors. The mayor's position is nonpartisan for a reason. It is La Crosse's chance to unite voices, not divide. I believe that by elevating one voice, another grows quiet. This does not mean I'm not listening to organizations. I will still meet with them. Their knowledge adds to being a stronger mayor.

I ran for mayor because it is nonpartisan. I saw the opportunity to unite a diverse team, use my experience to showcase issues that move La Crosse forward, and to do what I've always done - create solutions. I value diverse voices on my team. They represent the faith community, employees, business owners, women, men, LGBTQ, minorities, and ages 18 to retirees.  

This pledge is not stifling voices, it's actually elevating all. I will still take endorsements and support from individuals. Organizations can still reach out. Their issues and opinions, absolutely, still matter. Every leader doesn't just listen to those who think like they do, they take in all the information before deciding a path forward. Organizations can still guide their members on candidates. Those individuals can choose to engage with a campaign. Every voice is valued. That's what I believe as mayor.

I keep my campaign aligned with my beliefs, keep my door open, and run this race how I believe it should be - nonpartisan and Pro-La Crosse. This how we #ThriveForwardTogether.