Vicki Markussen, The Most Qualified Candidate

Why does Vicki Markussen deserve your vote for Mayor?  Because she’s the most qualified candidate for the job.  Period.

La Crosse needs real work experience and leadership, not talk.  Vicki’s leadership roles as director of the La Crosse Area Builders Association and the La Crosse Area Chamber of Commerce are unparalleled.  This experience will be critical in La Crosse’s hard road to recovery from the COVID crisis. Our future prosperity depends on it. 

La Crosse needs fiscal responsibility and economic growth to thrive.  Our property tax crisis is out of control…hurting Owner, Renter and Employer alike.  Vicki is ready to lead the charge to responsible spending from City Hall.  But curbing spending alone can’t fix our problems.  Without money, there is no mission.  We need resources to fix our problems and that only comes from economic growth.  We must grow and restore our housing stock and our businesses must thrive if we want the fabric of our community to remain strong.  We need Vicki’s experience in economic growth to get La Crosse back on track.

Vicki has been a woman in leadership in La Crosse for over 20 years, while raising three kids with her husband Dan.  This is the very human experience and compassion Vicki brings to the job.  Vicki’s professional and personal experience make her uniquely qualified and it’s time for the leadership La Crosse deserves. I would call our community lucky to have Vicki as Mayor. Vote Vicki Markussen.


Vicki Markussen


Founder, Engage Greater La Crosse