[Co-Owner, Borton Construction]

As the pandemic unfolded, I watched leadership at work when Vicki Markussen, now a candidate for La Crosse's mayoral seat, quickly assessed the needs of business and responded.


Countless businesses turned to Vicki through her work at the Chamber when they were forced to close March 17.

Markussen guided them to funding and communicated the state's plans to reopen. Her management carried many through this time of confusion. Because of Vicki's communication background, she provided the right information at the right time.

The businesses in the area trust Vicki Markussen to help them rebuild. It is because of that trust that when Markussen formed her own communication business, Engage Greater La Crosse, businesses on the north side asked her to lead the effort to connect our hurting small, locally owned businesses with safe ways people could patronize them.

Of all the candidates running for mayor, Markussen has the leadership experience, the ability to assess a problem, and to implement solutions. She has spent 25 years connecting businesses with the university and encouraging diversity in leadership. She will find new ways to communicate to us what's happening in City Hall. She is the most experienced community servant and leader. Vote for Vicki Markussen February 16.

Vicki Markussen


Founder, Engage Greater La Crosse