[as a former owner of the downtown small business, The Painted Porch]

One could write a book on Vicki's accomplishments as a business leader, as CEO of the Chamber of commerce, as Director of 7 Rivers alliance, etc. But the reason she has my vote is simple. She is a woman of strong character & integrity. Vicki is a natural leader with the ability to move our city forward despite our current economic challenges.  It is clear that Vicki understands the importance of kick-starting the local economy and the impact that it will bring to the families of La Crosse. She cares about our local businesses and is driven to make all of La Crosse a vibrant community. The success she has demonstrated in her current and past positions only proves she is the right person for the job. Vicki will work tirelessly and selflessly to make La Crosse a stronger business community, a safer community to live and a place people want to stay and raise their families.