February 2, 2021
In two weeks, we will vote to narrow the field of Mayoral candidates from ten to two. I will be casting my vote for Vicki Markussen. Now more than ever, La Crosse needs a strong and proven leader to address the many challenges our community faces. Economic recovery for local businesses and families leads her list of priorities. Vicki's twenty-five years of successful leadership is in leading business, faith-based, and civic organizations both paid and volunteer. From helping our economy to promoting women in leadership, visiting La Crosse's Sister Cities with Mayor Kabat, and going on mission trips to Nicaragua and Puerto Rico, there is no doubt Vicki is the most qualified candidate for Mayor. Please, if you value the success of local businesses and improving employment opportunities for job seekers, take the time to look at the qualifications of all candidates. While they all have a vision, I am confident you will find only one with the economic development and leadership experience to move our city forward - Vicki Markussen.