How We Get There

The City cannot lead all initiatives. Other organizations have the expertise and funding to enhance La Crosse as the best place to live, work, and play. The City, through its budget, decides what it leads, partners, and supports.

The City must LEAD with essential services

Council members, mayor, staff, and vendors must plan, develop, and maintain essential services:

  • Safety: fire, police
  • Public Works: infrastructure (roads, buildings, lighting, airport), water, sewer, waste management
  • Core management of legal, fiscal, electoral, and ordinance creation/compliance duties
  • Planning and Development (building, innovation)
  • Parks & Recreation
  • Health (in partnership with the County)

The City must PARTNER

Specialized non-profit organizations with access to federal, state and local contributors must create the strategies and implement the changes needed to enhance the places we live, work, and play within. When strong plans are created, the City can contribute resources to projects such as:

  • economic development
  • homelessness
  • healthy families
  • additional recreational programs
  • diversity

The City can SUPPORT

We are a community of servant leaders - people putting others above themselves. This organic, shared community belief can be encouraged and applaud as it occurs organically. By spotlighting behavior that enhances our vision, we create a culture of engagement in our community.