The roads are the second most common issue I hear talking to voters door to door.

As mayor, I will continue to budget to repair six miles of roads per year as Mayor Kabat has done. I will work with the DOT on maintenance of their roads - Hwy 16/La Crosse, Hwy 53 (Rose/Copeland/3rd/4th), Hwy 35 (George/Lang), Hwy 14/61 (South Ave/Mormon Coulee)

MY OPPONENT: said he will hire five more street workers.

This doesn't address how to pay for roads.

The good news is, La Crosse Street will be redone from its deepest layer and completely overhauled next year. More info here >>

NOTE: we must also work with the DOT and our Southside residents and businesses as South Avenue gets redone with roundabouts in 2022, a project that began years ago. More info >>