I understand the desire to have strong schools. I have two boys still in K-12 schools and another at Western Technical College. Growing up, my teachers encouraged my writing skills and helped shape my early career path. For the City, the school districts are a key partner in the strength of our City. Their leaders and teachers, daily, impact the lives of our families with children. They are one of the front-lines in identifying and helping families needing assistance. We are lucky to have strong educational options in La Crosse. 

Schools have their own leadership and control their own funding. Their borders extend beyond the City of La Crosse. Yet the City and Schools are intertwined. What is good for the schools is good for the City, and vice-versa. We are partners. 

Many exterior factors impact the success of our students. The City, with yet more partners, must remove barriers at home and in the community so the path to high school graduation is smoother. Just as I had life-changing opportunities, so must every child so they can thrive moving forward. 

At the same time, people are moving to the area and deciding where to live. Our schools, property taxes, and housing options all play a role. We must make it easier for people to choose La Crosse.