I was asked by the media when I became the head of the Chamber, “What does it feel like to be the first woman in that role?” My response, “I was the most qualified. It just so happens I’m a female.”

I’ve had the privilege of being uplifted and mentored by many men. Yet in some rooms where I one of a few women was, thankfully, pointed out by some men. I began asking business leaders if they’d support opportunities to encourage women in leadership. They overwhelmingly said yes.

I am especially proud of the Chamber team for uniting more than 190 women at the state’s only Leadercast Women event in La Crosse. We featured great women business owners in our area, then developed mentoring opportunities for women.

As Mayor, I look forward to bringing a new perspective to city hall and encouraging diverse voices in conversations.

Vicki Markussen


Founder, Engage Greater La Crosse