Why I Want to Be Your Mayor

It's time to pay it forward. I've called La Crosse home all my professional life. 25 years. It's where I've chosen to live, raise my family of three children, and to give back.

I have experienced the generosity of this community. As we come through this challenging time, I am eager to lead through my vision: making La Crosse the best small city to raise a family (read more >>).

My Story of Uplifting Leadership

I am a working mom whose background feeds a compassionate soul. My two older brothers made me tough. It was my determined mother who helped me identify problems and change them into opportunities at an early age. We were "those kids" - growing up on food stamps, free lunches, standing in free cheese lines, and getting a holiday dinner from the fire department. Then as a high school freshman, we watch our 35-year old dad slowly die of cancer in a hospital bed in our living room, uninsured. Our determined mom knew education would break the cycle of poverty. Academic scholarships and grants gave me a full ride to UW-Madison. Being a first-generation college-graduate with life-changing. I continue to change challenges into opportunities.

During 2020 another life-changing event occurred. My husband was diagnosed and successfully treated for throat cancer. This La Crosse community rallied around our family. I am eternally grateful. I'm ready to pay it forward.

The Opportunities Ahead

Many of our friends, neighbors, and our children — many of them already vulnerable — have endured mental and financial hardships not experienced in generations. When they need City services the most, our local government faces its own challenges. State and federal funds will diminish. Businesses will close. The La Crosse Center opens to an unknown tourism market. Our homeless problem remains. Our roads and buildings need improving. 

My strengths of problem-solving, seeking input, lifelong learning, communicating well, and leading with genuine care and compassion are needed. My experience leading the construction industry, economic development, and owning my own businesses provides common-sense solutions. My service to nonprofits grounds me in serving humbly.

We must create opportunities for our friends and neighbors. They need jobs. The children need hope.

To thrive and move forward, we will do so together.

Your Role

YOU power a greater La Crosse – the community we want to have. I would be honored to serve you through leadership.

I am the right person with the right experience at the right time. I ask you to support me as mayor.  

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