Part of economic development is understanding the neighborhoods that make up our city.

Mayor Kabat has done a fantastic job of empowering our neighborhood associations and giving them a voice in our community. There are 11 neighborhood associations in our city that work tirelessly on behalf of their members with Mayor Kabat, city departments and organizations to represent each neighborhood as best as they can in our community.

Through the collaboration of municipal and citizen advocacy, our community works continuously to beautify and keep our neighborhoods safe. These organizations strive to keep families invested in our city. These efforts are lead by Mayor Kabat and implemented by many of the different city departments including but not limited to City Planning, Parks and Recreation and Engineering. These departments also collaborate with the County and local nonprofits.

I have worked hard throughout my career to embody this kind of leadership. And I will continue to strengthen these partnerships and give a voice to those who are invested in this community. I believe this is the foundation of economic development that makes our city attractive to outside businesses and talent.

Neighborhood Associations:
• Bluffside • Downtown • Grandview-Emerson • Hintgen • Holy Trinity-Longfellow • Logan Northside • Lower Northside and Depot • Powell-Poage-Hamilton • Springbrook - Clayton Johnson • Washburn • Weigent-Hogan

Vicki Markussen


Founder, Engage Greater La Crosse