I experienced it with an executive moving here wanting to buy a $400,000 home. By the time he talked to a realtor, he had already ruled out living in La Crosse because of the property taxes. Property taxes are the number one issue I hear going door to door. 

I pledge to hold property taxes steady. We must maximize the properties we do have - homes and commercial properties. I like to say housing is a journey. One of renting to first-time homeowners, to a larger home, and finally senior living. La Crosse needs housing in all of these realms. We must redevelop our tired homes and commercial spaces. This is how we build our tax base, allowing us to share the tax burden -- i.e. keep or reduce taxes. 

It has been a campaign promise of mine to hold our line on property taxes, my opponent has advocated for programs including hiring a sustainability director, a diversity director, and establishing citywide broadband, without any plan to pay for these new positions and services. That concerns me because we all know you need to raise taxes to pay for increased services.