Property taxes being too high is the number one concern I hear going door-to-door. Everyone believes they are too high. When I explain that the budget is tight, they accept that ...

Holding the Line on Property Taxes

is reasonable. Some advocate for increasing property taxes to address concerns in our community. Bless you. I think of 76-year old Mary on the southside. Her parents built and paid for the house she now lives in on the southside. Her one ask of me, "Don't increase my taxes. I'll lose my home." It is her largest expense.


We have to add to our property tax base by redeveloping commercial properties that have gone dark or are "underperforming" -- meaning there is greater potential for that property. It might be converting a once-box store to mixed-use of residential and commercial. We can also look forward to developing River Point District (just west of the Festival on Copeland) after decades of sitting empty. 

We must replace our tired housing as it becomes available with a variety of housing. Providing both affordable, working-class, middle-income, and senior housing ensures we keep people in our community.

When we add higher-value properties, we increase our tax base, the burden is shared over more properties.